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Issue #93 October / November 2013

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Issue 93

In This Issue

The magazine for artists by artists from around the world.

The World
4 International Prize Winners
All the Prize Winners in International Artist magazine Challenge No. 77, Florals & Gardens
24 A Day in the Life of an Artist
Listen to the Inner Voice A series where we take a look into the lives of some of the world's most noted artists.
by Wende Caporale
The Art of the Portrait
28 Chairman's Letter
30 Master Showcase
32 Drawing the Art of Life
Drawing the Art of Life with Leslie Adams the 2013 International Portrait Competition William F. Draper Grand Prize Winner
36 Hodges Soileau
A demonstration in oil
38 Station Points: Tips & Insights
Hard and Soft Light
by By James Gurney
42 Bill James Masterclass Part 13 Color Properties
Readers are in for a treat in the months to come as you enjoy this regular column by award-winning all-media artist Bill James 
by Bill James
46 Stimulation, Part 5
How a few scratches sparked a new way of working
by By Gerald Brommer
50 The Power of Notan in Landscape Composition
Part 2: Notan Exercises
by By Mitchell Albala
56 Behind the Scenes
Prominent Chinese-American artists Z.S. Liang and Mian Situ prepare paintings for the 2013 Coeur d'Alene Art Auction
by John Geraghty
Demonstrations & Workshops
66 USA
Variety Creates Balance
Timothy Rees guides viewers through his paintings by thinking of opposition in components such as size, color and brushstroke application
by Susan Sarver
74 Australia
Overcoming Challenges
The ability to problem solve has allowed Ann Morton to overcome any painting challenges she might face
82 USA
Undercoat Color as a Tool of Expression
by Daniel Maidman
88 New Zealand
Painting Workshop
New Zealand artist Richard Robinson critiques some student paintings from his online workshop and demonstrates key points with his own painting
Demonstrations & Workshops
92 Canada
Creating Depth
Cindy Sorley-Keichinger layers acrylics then drybrushes details to produce illusions of depth
100 USA
Saturated Wet Paper Technique
Cheng-Khee Chee shows his dynamic process that unifies opposing elements in his watercolors
108 Australia
Swinging Shutters
John Lovett shows how to paint perspective in several compositions that include shutters
112 USA
A Reverse Approach
Recently, Kerry Brooks has taken an interest in pulling lights out of dark backgrounds
118 USA
An Abundance of Preparation
From perfecting setups to photographing each element, Daniel K. Tennant meticulously readies for his still life paintings
128 Weighing Opportunities
Look at all opportunities presented and carefully decide which are the best for your art career.
by Graeme Smith
138 The Making of an Artist Part 49
Low Saturation Field and Chinese Laundry
by Barry John Raybould
140 Important Principles of Art
Harley Brown's fascinating things no one else will tell you
by Harley Brown