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Issue #92 August / September 2013

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Issue 92

In This Issue

The magazine for artists by artists from around the world.

4 International Prize Winners
All the Prize Winners in International Artist magazine, Challenge No. 76, Landscapes
19 Call for Entries
Entry form for International Artist magazine's Challenge No. 78, Abstract & Experimental. Or you can enter using digital printouts and online!
A Day in the Life of an Artist: Kathy Anderson
A series where we take a look into the lives of some of the world's most noted artists.
by Wende Caporale
28 Chairman's Letter
29 An Annual Celebration of the Arts
A review of the annual The Art of the Portrait conference.
by Matthew Innis
34 15th annual Award Winners Showcase
All the winners from the annual Art of the Portrait conference
Station Points
Tips & Insights from James Gurney Sketchbook Report: Portrait Society Convention
Bill James Masterclass Part 12, Complementary Colors
Readers are in for a treat in the months to come as you enjoy this regular column by award-winning all media artist Bill James.
Stimulation, Part 4
Exploring nature's elements to stimulate creativity
by Gerald Brommer
The Power of Notan in Landscape Composition
Part 1: The Power of Notan
by Mitchell Albala
56 Utilizing Indirect Method
Still life artist Sadie J. Valeri works in distinct stages when painting
62 Foundational Truths
While Roger Dale Brown approaches each scene he paints differently, there are underlying truths for each work
70 Portraying Relationships
David Hettinger finds a common theme in relationships, whether with his models or the paintings atmospheres
78 Interpreting States of Being
In her series Weightless, Anne-Marie Kornachuk aims to show complex emotions through layering and scumbling
86 Spatial Arrangements
Artist Rika De Klerk balances shapes and passages for her complex compositions
94 Combining Source Materials
John McCartin demonstrates another work that shows the distinction between what is physically seen and what is painted. This time, the painting combines multiple photographs into one cohesive scene.
102 From Inspiration to Painting
by Daniel Maidman
108 Painting Workshop
New Zealand artist Richard Robinson critiques some student paintings from his online workshop and demonstrates key points with his own painting
112 Drawing Out an Idea
Using as many drawings that he deems necessary, Ezra Tucker creates a starting point for his wildlife paintings
120 Practice Patience to Gain Control
Experience and preparation have helped David Poxon learn to wield the results of his watercolours
128 Planning for the Future
Focusing on what lies ahead in your art career can help make you more productive and prosperous.
by Graeme Smith
132 Painting on Location
John Lovett explains how gathering information on-site can lead to studio works.
138 The Making of an Artist Part 48
Flattening Values and Put More Detail in One Area
by Barry John Raybould
140 Important Principles of Art
Harley Brown's fascinating things no one else will tell you