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Issue #89 February / March 2013

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Issue 89

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The magazine for artists by artists from around the world.

1 Letter from the Publisher
The World
4 All the Prize Winners in our International Artist magazine Challenge No 73 Still Life
19 Call for Entries
Entry form for International Artist magazine's Challenge No 75 Wildlife Now you can enter using digital printouts and online!
24 A Day in the Life of an Artist JACQUELINE JASPER
A series where we take a look into the lives of some of the world's most noted artists
by Wende Caporale
United States
28 Chairman's Letter
30 Masters Showcase
Four top artists showcase their work
32 Face-to-Face: Part 1
Christine Egnoski talks with the 2013 The Art of the Portrait Faculty
36 Introspection: A Work in Progress
by Lynn Sanguedolce
38 A Change of Shape Can Stimulate You
Part 1 Gerald Brommer examines what stimulates creative expression and production
42 Station Points Tips & Insights From James Gurney
Using backlighting for brilliant effect
United States
46 Part 9 Design Concepts
Readers are in for a treat in the months to come as you enjoy this regular column by award winning all media artist Bill James
50 Figurative Arrangement: Step-By-Step
Warren Chang gives us an in depth description on the creation of a figurative painting
62 The Making of a Country Doctor
Morgan Weistling shares the artistic process behind his new masterwork for the 2013 Masters of the American West show
by John Geraghty
68 How to do Ink Wash Painting
Wei Tai show us a fresh technique by drawing upon tradition and exposure to many cultures
76 A Fresh Take
Cheryl O decided to re-do an old painting in an abstract "wet and wild style" as a departure from its former realistic evolution
84 Master Painters of the World
by Mark Pytlos
United Kingdom
86 From Pencil to Pastel
When Mark Whittaker wanted to move onto color, he discovered that pastel made the transition from pencil drawing successful for his style and subjects
92 My American Odyssey
Colley Whisson found a trail of inspiration on his visit to USA
98 Drawing and Painting The Dynamic Connection
Young Su shows us how to achive the effect of a classical painting, without the complications
110 Making, Breaking and Bending Rules
Richard Rogers explores the many possibilities presented by acrylics in this new series
114 Your Painting Workshops Continue
New Zealand artist, Richard Robinson critiques some student paintings from his online workshop and demonstrates key points with his own painting
124 The Making of an Artist Part 45
'Straight Line Approximation' and Key Discoveries in Practice
by Barry John Raybould
128 How to Subscribe & Order
135 Steady Gains, Premium Prices and The Back End
Consider these strategies for continuing your art sales success story!
by Graeme Smith
136 Which White?
John Lovett shows us which white is what and how to use it
140 On The Move with Oils
Kasey Sealy shows us how to smoothly prepare for a painting vacation
144 Art Materials & Instruction Locator
144 Classifieds