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Issue #45 October / November 2005

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Issue 45

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The magazine for artists by artists from around the world.

3 Letter from the Publisher
The World
6 All the Prize Winners in our International Artist magazine Challenge No 29 Still Life & Florals
13 Call for entries
Entry form for International Artist magazine's Challenge No 31 Landscapes. Now you can enter using digital print outs!
19 International showcase of award winners
This issue we present work from Southern Watercolor Society Watercolor Art Society - Houston Arizona Watercolor Association Pastel Society of Colorado
24 International Artist Painting Workshop Vacations
The World
26 Portrait News and Notes
by Gordon Wetmore
27 Showcase of Honor Awards
John Michael Carter, Glenn Harrington, Garth Herrick, Xianyuan Jie, Stephen Pan, Tony Pro, Jean-Paul Tibbles, Jennifer Welty
30 Romulo Galicano: A legacy for his country
34 Seduced by beauty
The reason why this artist chooses such large canvases and how he achieves what he calls the "blue of our age".
by Helmut Ditsch
48 Need Direction? Think like the masters
How to keep a fresh outlook when painting on the spot by thinking like the masters.
by Vasudeo Kamath
56 The artist as tour guide to meaning
Why the artist has a higher role in the scheme of things.
by Loy Chye Chuan
66 Li Hua Yin Yen Zhen Yang Zhu Wai Yi Moi Zhen Li Loi, Fo Zhen Ling, Wang Meng, Ke Zong Ye, Tai Zi
68 The surprising process of watercolor
There is so much that has an impact on the process of creating a watercolor that it is always full of surprises.
by Kjell Ekstrom
United Kingdom
74 How to work in the zone of uncertainty
How working in the zone between the abstract and representational will allow you to see your subject in a new light and treat you to a unique adventure along the way.
by Tom Wanless
84 Vitality is my creative quest
Four keys for creating paintings that pulsate with life and energy: design, atmosphere, color and brushwork.
by Gerald Green
98 Making do
How to travel light, really light!
by John Lovett
United States
102 Plein air painting in Oaxaca
This artist explains vital tips for painting on location, and recounts the joys and surprises of his trip to Oaxaca.
by Gerald Brommer
114 Harley Brown's fascinating things no one else will tell you Part 19:
A revolutionary idea.
by Harley Brown
United Kingdom
120 Transforming humble scenes with light
Achieving atmosphere and emotion by juxtaposing broken color to add sparkle and interest.
by Colin Allbrook
128 How to Subscribe
130 Study the small shapes to conquer the light
Are you intimidated by painting light as it reflects off complex surfaces? How to do it effectively with colored pencils.
by Sam Hamilton
138 The making of an artist Part 2:
'Double Split Complementaries' and 'Making Grays'
by Barry John Raybould
140 Hitting the sales hot button Part 18:
Making your exhibition advertising work is really a matter of taking human nature into account.
by Graeme Smith
142 The academy way Part 4:
Drawing the figure Tonal or mass drawing where the line has been all but eliminated and only the tones are seen.
by Juan Martinez
147 International Artist Online - our online guide to recommended books, videos, and DVD's
159 Classifieds