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Issue #38 August / September 2004

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The magazine for artists by artists from around the world.

1 Letter from the Publisher
The World
4 All the Prize Winners in our International Artist magazine Challenge No. 22 - Your Favorite Subject
12 Entry form for International Artist magazine's Challenge No. 24 - People & Figures
15 International Showcase of Award Winners
This issue we present the major prize winners from the American Watercolor Society's annual competition.
United States
20 Mastering the sublime landscape
See how this master of the sublime vista translates the energy and truth of plein air studies into magnificent studio paintings.
by Wiliam Scott Jennings
32 Learning from the best of the Portrait
Our report on the Portrait Society of America's Conference in Boston
by Jennifer King
Art Business
40 Painting on demand Part 12:
Commission painting can be an enjoyable challenge or distinct pain in the brush.
by Graeme Smith
United States
42 The watercolors of American artist Thomas Sgouros
United Kingdom
44 Learn only what you need
A rich relationship with his environment gives this artist vision for a lifetime.
by Lawrie Williamson
52 Classic subject, classic approach
Using the time-honored techniques of the Dutch Still Life Masters.
by Dianne Branscombe
62 Robert Jennings, Inez Schrader, Irene Marsh, William H. Jones, Sandra Nicholl and Pierre Bamin
66 Where true magic is found
This artist draws on several artistic traditions to create contemporary realist works.
by Gabriel Picart
76 Fairy tales and myths
Drawing inspiration from subconscious memories of a Balkan childhood.
by Andrey Yanev
82 A language of color
The secret of oil painting success is at your fingertips.
by Yim Mau-kun
92 Ways and means Part 1:
Experimenting with texture in oil paint.
by John Lovett
The World
99 Pages from Bob Wade's international sketchbooks
United Kingdom
100 Harley Brown's fascinating things no one else will tell you Part 12:
Abstract is the key
by Harley Brown
104 Exploring your dark side
How to use the new crop of deepest dark pastels to create show-stoppers.
by Dianna Ponting
The World
112 Jack Pardue, Nancy Slaght, Sandra Nicholl, Nicholas Sacripante, Robert Dutton, Jonathan Taylor, Kyle Thomson, Robert Beaulieu, Tim Daniels, P.O. Douslin, Ellen Dreibelbis and Guylaine Jacques
120 The nature around me
The fjords and the northern lights provide ample opportunity to use flowing color for glowing light effects.
by Dagfinn Bakke
128 How to subscribe
130 Tom McNeeley, Lorraine P. Dietrich, Douglas Purdon, Neil Boyle and Frances Alty-Arscott
The World
134 Tiziana Ciaghi, Kim Eng Yeo, Jon Ingi Sigurmundsson and Slava Semerikov
136 No excuses!
This US artist is famous for sketching. And he thinks you should be too.
by David R. Becker
143 Bestsellers - Our recommended book, video and DVD buyer's guide
158 Methods and materials
160 Classifieds