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Issue #133 June / July 2020

Issue 133

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The magazine for artists by artists from around the world.

4 International Prize Winners
All Prize Winners in International Artist magazine Challenge No. 117, Floral & Gardens
23 Call for Entries
Entry form for International Artist magazine's Challenge No. 119, Seascapes, Rivers & Lakes. Or you can enter using digital printouts and online!
27 What Do People Think?
Asking the right questions can lead to successful sales
by Graeme Smith
28 Art Workshop Giude
Find art workshops all around the world
30 Station Points
Tips & Insights from James Gurney: Back to Basics with Black and White
The Art of the Portrait
36 Chairman's Letter
38 Striving for Excellence: The 2020 Class of Portrait Society Signature Status
by Kystle Stricklin
44 In Memoriam: Daniel E. Greene
46 A Painter's Journey
Part 5 -- Creating a Vision
by John Hulsey
50 Still Life Painting
Part 1 -- Creating a Successful Process: An Alla Prima Approach for Still Life Painting
by Kelli Folsom
54 Past and Present
Compositions from two ongoing series celebrate people and places throughout history
by Lee Alban
United States
66 Glazing an Underpainting with Color
Using this slow and methodical technique, Henry Riffe builds his paintings up through multiple layers of color
74 Seeing the Signs
A love of typography led Stephanie Schechter to paint signage that can serve as reminders of a place and time
82 Jos Van de Ven
Surrealistic approach
86 Takashi Akasaka
Contrasts of lights and darks
New Zealand
90 Inside the Museum
Escha van den Bogerd's paintings bland artwork of the Old Masters with her contemporary aesthetic
100 Blue Boat
John Lovett explains how painting from life can sometimes have unexpected twists
104 Paint Porcelain
An inside look at the history, techniques and artists working in this traditional art form
by Joyce Pike
108 Important Principles of Art
Haley Brown's fascinating things no one else will tell you