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Issue #128 August / September 2019

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Issue 128

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The magazine for artists by artists from around the world.

4 International Prize Winners
All the Prize Winners in International Artist magazine Challenge No. 112, Favorite Subjects
19 Call for Entries
Entry form for International Artist magazine's Challenge No. 114, People & Figures. Or you can enter using digital printouts and online!
25 Striving for Success
How a series of exhibitions can help you sell your work to collectors, old and new
by Graeme Smith
26 Art Workshop Guide
Find art workshops all around the world
28 Station Points
Tips & Insights from James Gurney Experimenting with Oil Techniques
32 Chairman's Letter
34 Same Time Next Year: Celebrating The Art of the Portrait
by Annette Goings
38 21st annual The International
44 An Artist's Artist
Remembering the life and legacy of portrait artist Everett Raymond Kinstler
by Michael Shane Neal
48 Dreamscapes
J. Louis blends artistic styles in his textural figurative paintings that have a strong focus on technique and subject matter
by Alyssa M. Tidwell
United Kingdom
54 Into the Wild
Adventuring into the mountains allows DJ the chance to experience the landscape firsthand
62 Paying Homage
Australian artist Lance Ross honors the techniques of the past masters with compositions featuring their likeness
United States
70 Excitement and Energy
Painting in a loose, impressionistic style allows Michele Usibelli to push her work to new limits
76 Pashk Pervathi
The changing seasons
United Kingdom
80 Halima Washington-Dixon
Fresh and immediate
84 Poetic Beauty
Song Qing translates the beauty of ordinary scenes through composition, color and brushwork
92 Painting Snow Scenes
Shari Blaukopf shares her tips and techniques for painting snow using watercolors
100 Aura and Atmosphere through Color
The colors in Viktoria Prischedko's watercolor paintings correspond to the emotional state of the scene
100 The Humble Hake
John Lovett discusses techniques for using a hake paintbrush
United States
106 Ted Nuttall
Capturing an essence
114 Dan Bacich
Nature's patterns
118 Narrative Portraits
Using a "drawing by subtraction" technique, Tracy Frein creates black-and-white portraits wrought with emotion
126 The Making of an Artist Part 84
Interlocking Shapes & Still Life
by Barry John Raybould
131 Painting Workshop
In every issue of International Artist we will feature a Painting Workshop from Richard Robinson, one of New Zealand's best artists
140 Important Principles of Art
Harley Brown's fascinating things no one else will tell you