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Issue #126 April / May 2019

Issue 126

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The magazine for artists by artists from around the world.

4 International Prize Winners
All the Prize Winners in International Artist magazine Challenge No. 110, Abstract/Experimental Art
21 Call for Entries
Entry form for International Artist magazine's Challenge No. 112, Favorite Subjects. Or you can enter using digital printouts and online!
25 Focus on Materials
In each issue we examine some of the essential art materials available to practicing artists
26 Art Workshop Guide
Find art workshops all around the world
29 Do You Have a Long-term Vision About Your Career?
Insights on how to exhibit and market your artwork successfully
by Graeme Smith
30 Station Points
Tips & Insights from James Gurney Sketching Irish Musicians
The Art of the Portrait
36 Chairman's Letter
38 American Dreams, American Dreamers: The Art of Dean Mitchell
by Krystle Stricklin
42 Master Showcase
44 Plume
by Elizabeth Zanzinger
46 Surrounded by Inspiration
An artist residency in the Eastern Swiss Alps allowed for close examinations of the environment through multiple seasons
by Devdatta Padekar
United States
56 Finding Your Way
Slawa Radziszewska discusses her painting process and how to overcome painting challenges
66 It's All in the Preparation
Meticulous planning allows Ginny Page to paint cohesive and dynamic compositions
74 Direct Painting
Sasha Sokolova's dynamic compositions develop through intuition by letter her brushstrokes take the lead
82 See More, Paint Less
Richard Robinson shares painting lessons from the great outdoors, such as finding the visual concept
United States
86 Painting in Shades of Grey
Ellen Fuller explains how to establish values using the grisaille technique
96 Making an Impact
Virginia Blackstock focuses on powerful designs that show the effect of lights and shadows
102 Cracking the Plein Air Code
Chan Dissanayake discusses how to tackle and succeed at painting "on location" with these informative "hands on" demonstrations
110 Controlling Color
John Lovett shares his tips for finding the right color balance in every painting
United States
114 Studying the Color Field
In Deborah Friedman's most recent drawings of cairns she studies the interaction of colors
122 Amanda McLean
Pastel Perspectives Part 15 - Pastel Paper Review
United States
131 Haoyun Erin Zhao
Changing paths
138 The Making of an Artist Part 82
Wet Painting Carriers & Italy, Florence, The Arno
by Barry John Raybould
140 Important Principles of Art
Harley Brown's fascinating things no one else will tell you