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Issue #120 April / May 2018

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Issue 120

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The magazine for artists by artists from around the world.

4 International Prize Winners
All the Prize Winners in International Artist magazine Challenge No. 104, Favorite Subjects
21 Call for Entries
Entry from for International Artist magazine's Challenge No. 106, People & Figures. Or you can enter using digital printouts and online!
25 Professional Artist: What is a Print?
The ins and outs of reproducing prints from your art
by Graeme Smith
26 Focus on Materials
In each issue we examine some of the essential art materials available to practicing artists
27 Art Workshop Guide
Find art workshops all around the world
28 Station Points
Tips & Insights from James Gurney Court Report
The Art of the Portrait
34 Chairman's Letter
36 A Celebration Two Decades in the Making
Up Close with The Art of the Portrait Faculty, Part II
by Christine Egnoski
42 An oil demonstration with Anna Rose Bain
44 Artistic Elements - Part 1
Hit 'em with Drama
by Robert Hagan
48 Behind the Face
A portrait exhibition at the U.S. branch of Florence Academy of Art highlights the individual approaches to interpreting human emotions
by John O'Hern
United States
54 Developing Color Sensibilities
Understanding hue, chroma and value allows Veronica Winters to draw and paint expressive works of art
62 An Exploratory Approach
Learning to trust his instincts has led Daryl Urig to a number of new series, methods and ideas
Netherlands (Holland)
68 Tjalf Sparnaay
Reinterpreting reality
United States
72 Peter Campbell
Investigating a scene
United Kingdom
76 Clare Shaughnessy
Drawing emotions
80 Life and Movement
Jenny Aitken advises on how understanding waves, tone and light on water creates a dynamic composition
United States
88 Color Pouring and Blending
Lian Quan Zhen captures the impressions of a scene through his method of mixing pigments
98 An Artist's Journey
How watercolourist Shan Hong found his artistic voice
110 Amanda Hyatt
Lessons in Watercolour Part 9 - Light and Atmosphere
116 Getting Away from the Subject
John Lovett shares his techniques for painting only the "important" elements of a scene
120 Amanda McLean
Pastel Perspectives Part 9 - Ideas and Techniques
134 Painting Workshop
New Zealand artist Richard Robinson critiques some student painting from his online workshop and demonstrates key points with his own painting
138 Discovering Art: The Making of an Artist Part 76
Squaring Off Forms & Shanghai at Night
by Barry John Raybould
140 Important Principles of Art
Harley Brown's fascinating thing no one else will tell you